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Caprica welcomes you!
Hello there!
I want to introduce the Caprica region, which recently became part of the Sacrarium family. "Caprica" is based on the series of Ronald D Moor.
We are the owners of the region, I and my wife are big fans of science fiction and the series "Battlestar Galactica". Avatars of the region are humanoid cylons that build their Caprica. The city, part of the 12 colonies of Cobol.

Type "Caprica" on the map, and welcome to our small world of science fiction! Caprica is a city that does not differ much from other cities. It has shops, nightclubs, radio station, parks, a hotel and other entertainment for you.

deejay, builder and designer
Hello Sam
Nice introduction of Caprica region
Welcome to the family :-*

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