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Heya there!
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Hey. I'm Sam Adama. I'm a DJ (in real since 2001) I prefer techno. I have my own EDM radio. I am the owner of a design studio. We are developing web applications, installing and configuring servers, graphic design, 3d, etc

With my wife we are building our own grid in Opensim. He's called Caprica.
I was very happy to join the Sacrarium Grid, where I met many kind and positive people. I really like the policy of Grid owners in relation to the distribution of content. I fully support this case.

Sam Adama is a character from the series "Caprica", which is devoted to virtual reality and the world created there is very similar to what we are doing here.

I am very pleased to meet all of you here. Rolleyes

deejay, builder and designer
Welcome on Sacrarium Sam Smile

I am not fond of techno, but new DJs are always a good thing for the life of a grid.
~~ Naked soul --- Be free, be sociable, share!  Heart ~~
TYSM, Typhaine!
deejay, builder and designer

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