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hi everyone I introduce myself.  Wink AmunRiseN DarkMooN
I am an Italian boy (I really like to experiment with opensim technology) and I always try to make myself useful to help everyone.
I immediately ask you humilely sorry for my poor English but I have to rely on an online translator but they are obstacles that over time.
I hope to meet you in the grid.
I apologize also because it is difficult to reach my region due to problems of connection not having the fiber I have a limit in uppload...........the Italian connections are still old but in my country they are pulling the fiber so tomorrow I will be able to solve this problem!
*thinks of her DSL connexion with 12MB download/1MB upload and sighs*

Welcome on the grid Anum Smile
~~ Naked soul --- Be free, be sociable, share!  Heart ~~

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