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Otter says hi
I'm not good with introductions. I'm mostly online on weekends and at night when the scientists sleep and the laboratory animals sneak to the computers and pretend to be humans. I live here with a racoon who plays GTA and some rats who plan the world revolution.
Otters are no rodents. There are 13 species or some say 12. My favorite food is makarel. Please stop throwing garbage into the oceans. Fishbones are eatable. Racoons aren't, they bite back.
My Sim is called Klamootto and there are fashion shops with mesh clothing for regular and mesh bodies.
Always contact me with a Notecard if you are not from Sacrarium Grid. Thank you.

Ich spreche sehr gut deutsch.
Я понимаю немного по русски.

Greetings, Otto
Heya, Otto!
I love your region Klamootto (and another one on the other grid).
We often go there with my wife
deejay, builder and designer
Hi Sam,
glad you ike it Smile

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