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Great News about Import Island....

Import Island is hosted on a professional data center server. It is Super Fast and reliable. 

So is this another sandbox? No, this region is ultra fast, ultra efficient and intended for large Mesh or Prim linkset imports. 

Import Island is for all Sacrarium Residents to use. If you find objects on Import Island NOT from residents (i.e. OS Grid, or other) let me know.
Send Notecard to Simon Astick. I did not want to force my neighbors to join a group so it is wide open right now. 

Import Island will auto-return after 4 hours to help keep it efficient.

Please stop by and give Import Island region a try, you will be amazed!!!

Great initiative, and thank you for all!
~~ Naked soul --- Be free, be sociable, share!  Heart ~~
This is a great asset for the neighborhood

Thank you :-*

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