How to connect

For those how are first time in virtual world:

For those how already use Second Life and has Firestorm for SL and OS:

Step 1: Select “View”

Sacrarium requires the use of an external viewer to access the world. To take advantage of Sacrarium, you need to download one of the following viewers:

Step 2. Set up your viewing device

Depending on your presence, you will need to learn how to add a grid to the viewer. For the viewers that we suggested above, here’s a way to find where to add the grid:

Firestorm Viewer Avatar> Options> OpenSim

Now we need to add a grid for this, we are going to next time in the field, and then click “Add”. After that, click "Apply" to save the changes, then click "OK" to close the window.

Step 3: Login

Finally, enter the name of the avatar created, then, that Sacrarium is selected from the Grid drop-down list. Now you are in our grid!

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